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We are passionate about telling small businesses' stories on digital channels, so they can connect with their audiences and grow. We're here to empower you as a business owner. We'll take care of a building your presence online, so you can focus on running your business.
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Running a successful affiliate campaign can be like running on auto-pilot. We build relationships with publishers to promote your business.
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Our digital marketing experts create effective strategies that work. We take a holistic approach that works for start-ups & long-established businesses.
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Effectively communicating with your audience is key to taking your brand to the next level. We can help you from start to finish: strategy to creation.
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We build elegant websites with lean code, focusing on user experience and SEO. Our sites are blazing fast & optimised for the Core Web Vitals test.
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We customise a range of techniques for a geo-targeted audience. Local SEO can help you greatly enhance your physical businesses' web presence.
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Pay-per-click advertising is the backbone of search engine marketing. We build and optimise powerful ad campaigns that convert and increase businesses' ROI.
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Getting companies to the top of search rankings is what we're all about. With comprehensive strategy formulation, we move the needle in your favour.
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We build your following and brand reputation on social media through engaging and relevant content. Let us bring you closer to your audience.
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Our team specialise in jumping into live code and ensuring everything is running as it should be. Whether a one-time fix or wholesale changes, we're here for you.
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Our Approach

We take a holistic approach with all our clients to find out about their business' strengths and weaknesses. Wherever you're lacking, we're there to help.
Together, we'll come up with a plan of action that is best-suited to taking your business to the next level, whether it's a paid campaign or social media management.
Our experienced team of marketers and digital gurus ensure your marketing activities are meticulously carried out with the greatest attention to detail.
We deliver end-of-month reports for all our ongoing clients, detailing the work we've carried out, where the project stands and our actions for the upcoming month.

What Our Clients Say

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority... always.
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  • Key Business Marketing have done such an excellent job for my company thus far in regards to our marketing strategy. The quality and attention to detail is superb and I'm so impressed with the work they have done. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for marketing expertise.
    Chuks E
    Cue Talent Advisory, Founder
  • Jah and Shai are excellent - they really know their stuff, are organised & efficient, and always very friendly and helpful. I'd highly recommend!
    Elin R
    Better Nature Foods, Co-Founder
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