Key Business Consultants

Project Background

Key Business Consultants, a sister company of Key Business Marketing, provides a range of accounting and tax services for both individual clients and small-to-medium businesses.

Our Work

We undertook full branding work to ensure the business' look and feel matched its core values of being entrepreneurial, straightforward and attentive. The business website was redesigned to reflect the fresh branding and modern-approach Key Business Consultants adopts in all its operations. The website complies with Google's Core Web Vitals test and is routinely updated with content and maintained by the Key Business Marketing team.

Top Highlights
  • A 200% increase in the number of keywords ranking on Google
  • A 50% decrease in bounce rate post website redesign
  • A 60% increase in average page views post website redesign
  • 30% increase in average monthly conversions post website redesign
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