A Guide To Using ChatGPT To Carry Out Keyword Research

Gary Green
Gary Green
February 13, 2024

ChatGPT, the brainchild of OpenAI is a great example of the latest deep tech. Trained with huge information datasets via RLHF (Reinforcement Learning From Human Feedback) it can answer virtually all queries instantly. Thanks to its ability to perform tasks cognitively, it’s also proving to be a helpful tool when it comes to SEO. 

Many SEO experts are finding ChatGPT a useful tool for filling the gaps in keyword research strategies. It is useful in finding: 

  • LSI keywords
  • Long-tail keywords 
  • Keyword clustering and grouping
  • Search intent analysis 

But how is keyword research done using ChatGPT?

Creating A Keyword Strategy

ChatGPT can be turned into a useful SEO assistant simply by entering a prompt with the correct level of detail. It’s the prompt itself that can be quite tricky to word, but it should be phrased something like this: 

“You are a specialist in market research with detailed and accurate information about the various available keywords. Furthermore, you can develop a complete SEO content plan. Draw up a table containing a keyword list for an SEO content plan for (your topic). 

Categorise the keywords in top categories, entering the super category name in the Keyword Cluster first column. Next, add a Long-Tail Keyword column, which contains one long-tail keyword for the super-categories. The Search Intent column should be added third. This is the keyword’s human search intent (informational, transactional, or commercial). The fourth column should be added next entitled “Title”. This suggests an SEO-friendly, catchy title for a post about this keyword. 

Finally, add a “Meta Description” column and in it create an engaging meta description that has been optimised for high CTR for this topic. Make sure you use no more than 155 characters. This meta description must mention reasons why this content helps the reader concisely, with no generalisation. The response should only be in a table format, containing five columns – Keyword Cluster, Long-Tail Keyword, Search Intent, Title and Meta Description.”

Finding New Ideas For Keywords Using A Seed Word

You can quickly and effortlessly find keywords relating to a given term using ChatGPT. The prompt for this is quite simple, being something along the lines of “create 10 keywords for (your chosen seed keyword).”

Keywords can also be translated by ChatGPT into other languages if you’re doing SEO for international purposes. 

Finding Long-Tail Keywords

ChatGPT can also be used for finding long-tail keywords about a given topic using the prompt “Find 10 long-tail keywords for (your chosen seed keyword)”. 

It’s also possible to narrow this keyword research down by giving ChatGPT the instruction to only find long-tail keywords of a particular length.

Finding Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Terms

It’s possible to use ChatGPT to find latent semantic indexing keywords relating to your seed term by using the prompt “List all LSI keywords for (your chosen seed keyword)”. 

Finding Questions About A Given Topic

You can leverage ChatGPT’s extensive knowledge base in order to find some commonly asked questions on any given topic that users may ask. The prompt you need for this is “create a list of questions about (your chosen seed keyword).”

Extracting Keywords From Competitor’s Content

One of the most interesting uses of ChatGPT for SEO is for reverse-engineering competitor content so you can find the keywords they used. The prompt you need is “From this text “content” find keyword ideas.” 

Classifying Keywords According To Search Intent

If you have a huge keyword list, it can be difficult to sort and classify it. Fortunately, ChatGPT can help with this effortlessly. The prompt you need is something along the lines of “classify these keywords according to their search intent using a table where the first column is labelled keyword and the second is labelled search intent (your list of keywords).” It’s also possible to ask for an explanation of the intent of the searcher behind each of those keywords. You can do this with the following prompt: “Identify the search intent of these keywords (your list of keywords).” 

Grouping Keywords Together That Are Related To Each Other

It can be challenging to group keywords that relate to each other together into different topics, but fortunately, ChatGPT is able to assist you with this, making the task far simpler and faster. You simply need a prompt that goes something like this “Group all related keywords together (your keyword list).” 

Finding Secondary And Primary Keywords To Target

Knowing which keywords you should be targeting in your content isn’t always easy. ChatGPT has the power to rapidly find and analyse keywords depending on their volume, thus finding you the most appropriate secondary and primary terms for you to target. The prompt should be similar to this in style “Considering this keyword set and their volumes (include your keywords and volume data here) then find the most appropriate terms to use as primary and secondary keywords. Present the information in a table with three columns labelled keyword, primary/secondary and volume.” 

Generating Outlines For Content

One of the most interesting uses for ChatGPT is its ability to use its natural language processing power to create the ideal outline for your content. It will enable you to efficiently and quickly cover every concept relating to your topic, creating a content piece that is all-inclusive. The prompt for this is as simple as “create an outline for an article with the title (your title).” 

ChatGPT offers endless possibilities when it comes to SEO and keyword research. This handy AI language-based model can be leveraged in multiple ways to make everyday tasks like email writing, keyword research, and creating captions for social media swift and simple. The key to success lies in ensuring that the prompt that you give ChatGPT is detailed and precise enough to ensure the optimal outcome. If you follow the tips that we’ve outlined here and phrase your prompts in line with those that we have suggested above, you’ll find that ChatGPT is a very useful tool for enhancing your SEO strategy. 

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