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All your details are stored in our dedicated password manager. The databases are encrypted using AES and Twofish, the most secure encryption algorithms currently available. The AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher in particular is U.S. Federal Government standard, and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for storing top secret information.
Whatever package you choose, you have a single, dedicated account manager. You’ll never be passed around to someone new or told that “your call is important to us” (while we put you on hold). Your account manager is available at any time during office hours. You can call, Skype, e-mail or even pop in for a chat. If it’s outside of office hours, just drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you the next day. All the ways to get in touch.
We can work with whatever brand and web assets (logos, articles, videos, photos and images) you already have. If you need us to set up a social media account for you, no problem. Just get in touch and we can discuss all your options. If you need any content created from scratch, we can provide you with articles, logos, landing pages, marketing copy and back banners. For more information, check out all our optional extras.
We hate to say “it depends”, but it depends! It all depends on your budget, your goals, the quality of your content, what sector you’re in, the size of your existing social media following and how much time we can devote to the campaign. Of course, if you decide to go for a Google or facebook advertising campaign, you’ll get much quicker results. What we promise is that we let you know our expectations at the start of every campaign. And we keep you informed of your progress all the way through.
No problem. We can provide you with blogs, articles, sales copy, text for your adverts… For more information, check out all our optional extras.

Marketing Consultancy

We know that digital marketing can be complicated. There are lots of different ideas to consider. Sometimes it’s not easy to know what you need or how to get started. If you’re feeling stuck, why not start with our digital marketing resources. There’s plenty of free content, with new articles published each week. If you’d like some expert advice, try our marketing consultancy. Options start from as little as £60 per month and can really help clarify the best way to approach your campaigns. We also offer a range of marketing and strategy questionnaires for £45. They will give you a comprehensive road map for planning your own marketing campaign. Or, if you’d like us to manage it for you, we’ll take the cost of the report off your first month.
You can certainly try to manage your own marketing campaigns. If you have a background in graphic design or copy writing, you may prefer to do some or all of it yourself. Having said that, it’s a very broad and complex area, and for many people expert help is essential – even if it’s just some consultancy sessions to get you started on the right track. Our packages are very customisable, so you can use us for as much or as little as you need. Learn more about marketing consultancy.
You can have the best product or service in the world. But if no one ever hears about it, you don’t have a business. Think of marketing as just letting people know what you’ve got to offer. You trust in what you’re offering, so why wouldn’t you want to tell people all about it? Marketing isn’t manipulation. It’s just making sure everyone who could benefit knows where to find you.
We cover everything to do with digital marketing: websites, pay-per-click ad campaigns; search engine optimisation; content marketing; social media management: influencer marketing and sponsorship; e-mail marketing; marketing technology; analytics… Learn more about marketing consultancy.
It’s completely up you you. If you like, you can prepare a load of questions you’d like us to cover in the call. Or you can come in with an open mind and let us make suggestions. Either way, we’re here to help you in whichever way suits you. Learn more about marketing consultancy.

Social Media Management

We normally recommend a minimum budget of £250 per month for your Google or Facebook adverts. This will allow you to get some real traction on your advertising campaign. It also gives us plenty of data to work with for analysing and optimising future months. However, how much you spend is completely up to you. We’ll work within your budget, no matter how large or small. We’re here to advise on the right amount to spend and we always agree a maximum budget together ahead of time. Learn more about our social media packages.
Of course! It’s completely up to you how hands-on you want to be. If you like, you can just focus on running your business while we manage the marketing campaign in the background. Or you can be involved every step of the way: suggesting ideas, approving the content and giving feedback. We’re here to support you and to work around your needs and interests.
Our pricing is completely transparent, with no hidden extras. If you want to try a Facebook or Google ads campaign, you’ll need to factor in the costs of the adverts themselves. We work with you to decide the right amount, and we agree a maximum budget together ahead of time.
When you sign up for a social media management package, we run your social media profiles for you. We add new content every day, respond to comments and likes on your pages, and seek out other profiles to share and comment on. Social media marketing adds a Facebook advertising campaign to the mix. We agree a budget in advance, and then run the ads for you: everything from ad creation to optimisation and reporting. Learn more about our social media packages.

Website Maintenance

If you’re a simple e-commerce site, you can probably get away without a blog. As long as you have good quality pictures and some engaging sales copy, you’ll probably have enough to get started. For most websites, however, we recommend some sort of blog/archive/resources page. If you’re selling a service (eg accountancy, photography, consultancy…) it’s a great way to build authority and show you know your stuff. It’s also a great way to drive traffic (either via SEO or as part of a social media strategy) and esure people come back to your website.
Sure. We can get you set up on a Shopify website that makes selling a breeze. We can also provide images and sales copy if you need help in those areas.
We work with WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix content management systems. For e-commerce sites, we work with the Shopify system.
Absolutely. However involved we are, you retain all your access and can go in and make changes whenever you want. Of course, if you’d rather just let us do everything, you never need to log in again. You can be as involved as you like. We’re here to help you.
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