Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies

Gary Green
Gary Green
January 22, 2020

With the ever-changing digital marketplace, it's essential to keep on top of the latest digital marketing strategies.

Here are our top 5 digital marketing strategies:

1. First Impressions Matter

Potential customers form an opinion of your site in the first second they land on the page.

Amazingly, 94% of people base this on the design of the site, the layout, colour scheme, font, logo, slogan and images. If the site doesn't hit the target audience immediately, it is a pointless accessory to a businesses’ marketing.

Along with great website design, consistency is key in branding. Having a consistent look and feel to all your brand assets causes the business to look more professional.

2. Set Goals

Having a specific goal in mind greatly increases business success. Having a goal gives you the ability to know what to focus on and strive towards achieving it.

Don’t be scared of trying something out of the box. It’s all about trial and error. If something doesn’t work for your business, move on and don’t worry about it.

And make sure you track your goals effectively with tools like Google Analytics.

3. Create a Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is a map of a customer’s journey from a complete stranger to a lead. You can apply the AIDA model to model to the marketing funnel.

Make sure you have a good Call-To-Action (CTA). A CTA is a prompting image or text that causes visitors to take action. This could be requesting a demo, or signing up to gain more information.

CTAs should direct people to landing pages. Here you can collect a customer's information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer. A good CTA should be attention grabbing and lead a potential customer further into your marketing funnel.

4. Drive Traffic

There a variety of ways you can drive traffic to your website:

  • Inserting related keywords into content will help your content and website show up in more search results.
  • Engaging social media posts will attract more traffic to your site and are essential for targeting the younger age brackets.
  • Using interactive pictures, video and other relevant media will help boost engagement.

Don't ignore cross-device marketing. Consumers nowadays are viewing websites and adverts across a variety of platforms: iPhones, tablets, computers and laptops. Therefore, the design of the digital marketing released to the public needs to be adaptable and attractive in all forms.

5. Embrace Mass Personalisation

Mass marketing is dead. The heir to the throne is mass personalisation and tailored marketing.

The idea is simple. Collect the maximum customer behaviour data, analyse it with artificial intelligence algorithms and then develop customised targeting strategies.

Thanks to big data technologies, a tremendous amount of data from social networks, online purchases, mobile apps downloads or CMS can now be parsed.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help your business take advantage of the latest trends in digital marketing, get in touch.


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