The Top 44 2022 Chrome Browser Extensions

Gary Green
Gary Green
October 19, 2022

Installing browser extensions to Google Chrome can boost your productivity, help you to source content and reduce distractions right from your browser. There are plenty of helpful extensions that allow you to be smarter and safer with a single click. Here are 44 of the best for 2022.

Productivity Extensions

These extensions help you to reduce your distractions and become more productive.

  1. HubSpot Sales

This tool allows you to connect your CRM to your email inbox. Rather than navigating backwards and forwards between both products, the HubSpot Sales extension enables you to easily transfer your email contact details into the CRM. Employees can, therefore, save time in their daily workflow while retaining key customer information.

  1. Todoist

This tool for project management allows you to easily create visually appealing and extremely organized to-do-lists on every device. You can also add tasks to your list with this extension without needing to open another device, app or tab.

  1. Reply

This extension allows you to engage and research potential prospects using LinkedIn. It’s an easy and speedy way of finding and verifying anybody’s email address. Contacts can also be synced straight to the CRM or, alternatively, prospects can be connected with instantly.

  1. StayFocusd

This extension enables you to budget time on certain websites in order to eliminate distractions if you have to work. This extension is very customizable so you can set a time limit that suits you best for each site.

Security Extensions

These extensions improve your security while browsing online. They include:

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

This extension rewrites requests sent to websites visited using Chrome to ensure the browser only produces a site’s secure version. This allows you to browse without any concerns about your personal details being kept safe or your PC catching malware when you browse.

  1. Click&Clean

When you search and download material for work constantly during the course of a day, clearing browsing history records can be tedious. This Chrome extension allows clearing of your URL searches, cache, download history and website cookies with just one click on the toolbar. Furthermore, it scans your PC for any viruses and will clean unused applications from the hard drive so your PC runs more quickly.

  1. J2TEAM Security

This extension gives basic protection against viruses and enables users to customize their website blocking list while ensuring the security HTTPS tag is used on all blogging sites. This extension offers several privacy settings that are Facebook specific.

  1. Ghostery

This ad-blocker extension removes distracting ads when you view certain web content. It can also disguise browsing data, preventing ad-tracking tools from collecting your personal information.

  1. Checkbot

This extension combines modern security with technical SEO so you can analyse how optimized and how safe a site is. It tests SEO, overall security and page speed for over 250 URLs for each domain free of charge.

Social Media Extensions

These extensions are designed to make interacting with social media platforms more convenient.

  1. Bitly

This Chrome extension allows quick and easy shortening of links as well as more convenient social media sharing direct from a browser.

  1. Buzzsumo

This extension gives users a greater insight into the performance of content. When visiting a page, it’s possible to click on the extension and see metrics like backlinks and social shares.

  1. Pinterest

When you use this extension you can save items easily to Pinterest boards with no ned to navigate away from your current task.

  1. Buffer

This extension allows content to be shared easily from websites to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles.

  1. App For Instagram

This extension enables you to keep track of your Instagram notifications with no need to check your smartphone constantly. When this extension is installed, you can directly view your Instagram content from your browser.

SEO Extensions

These Chrome extensions help you to maximize your SEO efforts.

  1. SEOQuake

This extension enables SEO marketers to obtain insights easily about various websites with no need to navigate away from the web browser.

  1. Check My Links

This extension scans webpages quickly to show which links work well and which don’t.

  1. NoFollow

This extension indexes webpages quickly to identify links which have a no-follow metatag code. These links can’t be crawled by the search engines so this extension can be used to find out whether external sites backlink to them using indexed or followed links.

  1. Keyword Surfer

This extension gives related keywords to industry-related searches. It’s possible to view monthly search volumes for each keyword then you can generate the outline of an article which could possibly aid you in ranking for that keyword.

  1. Link Research SEO Toolbar

This extension enables you to view a website’s core metrics to see how well it’s performing against your competitors.

  1. SEO META in 1 CLICK

This tool allows you to view the meta information for a website with just one click. This makes it a competitive tool for research so you can see what competitors put in their own meta descriptions.

  1. SEO Minion

This extension allows in-depth research of competitors through giving access to their website’s data and metrics.

New Tab Chrome Extensions

  1. OneTab

This extension allows research to be carried out more easily by allowing several URLs to be out into one tab allowing for simpler reference.

  1. Momentum

This extension replaces new blank tabs with inspiring quotes, lovely photos, and weather reports as well as spaces to write your daily priority.

  1. Blank New Tab Page

If you’re opening a new Chrome tab, this extension gives you a white, blank page, allowing you to avoid previews of your most recently visited sites or your Google Search bar.

  1. Infinity New Tab

This extension makes big icon-based shortcuts for each frequently visited site which you can then customize as you wish.

  1. Start.me

This extension allows each tab opened to be turned into your own personal dashboard. Populating this dashboard then becomes possible with productivity widgets, bookmarks and news feeds as well as videos and photos.

  1. Earth View

You can make your browsing prettier with this extension. Every time a fresh tab is opened, you’ll see satellite images of one of Earth’s most beautiful locations.

  1. Homey

This uncluttered and relaxing extension allows your fresh tabs to be turned into your own dashboard where you can view the weather, access bookmarks or make a grid featuring most-visited websites.

  1. Speed Dial

This old-school extension turns tabs into 3D dashboards where you can access most frequented sites and bookmarks.

Content Sourcing Extensions

Content curation tools are sometimes just what you need to save key information if you’re writing or researching a post. These extensions can help.

  1. OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote users will find this extension helpful since content can be saved direct to current OneNote notebooks allowing easier reference.

  1. AwesomeScreenshot

This extension is for screen capturing and offers a capability for photo editing and annotation without leaving your browser.

  1. Giphy For Chrome

This animated GIFs extension allows you to make blogs, posts and emails funnier and more engaging.

  1. Sidebar

If you want to avoid having to manually bookmark websites, Sidebar allows easy organization of websites you’d like to save with no need to open another tab.

  1. Video Downloader Professional

If you’re looking for non-YouTube videos for blog posts, this extension allows easy downloading of videos from internet sites including Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Google Scholar Button

If you’re writing scientific or technical content, this extension allows you to find books and articles right from your browser.

Blogging Extensions For Chrome

If you’re a blogger, these extensions can improve the quality of your work.

  1. Grammarly

This extension is invaluable for reviewing posts for good grammar, word use and spelling.

  1. Google Dictionary

If you’ve ever found an unfamiliar word while researching online, this extension allows you to quickly highlight it and find its meaning, right then and there.

  1. Difree

If you’re easily distracted while writing online, the Difree extension opens new tables quickly for a neutral and clean text editor which autosaves as you work.

  1. Language Tool

This extension allows you to check a website’s existing text or your work while you write for good grammar. It works in several languages too.

  1. Wordtune

This AI-powered extension can give you a number of alternatives to the text that’s on your page at present. Just highlight the phrase or sentence you want to rewrite then the extension provides options.

  1. ProWriting Aid

This spelling and grammar extension allows you to check your articles, web pages and blog posts for clarity and correctness.

  1. Readme

This text-to-speech reader extension works in the browser to make articles that you read or write more accessible.

  1. Helperbird

This accessibility extension enables writers who are blind, dyslexic or who have different disabilities to work efficiently. The page font can be changed, pages can be magnified and text can be turned into speech.

  1. MyBib

If you list citations within your articles and posts, this extension allows you to create your citations in the browser.

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