Product Reviews On Google That Link To Several Sellers Could Get A Boost

Gary Green
Gary Green
May 23, 2023

Boosting SEO can be done by publishing reviews online, however, it’s important to be aware that not every review will be treated equally. Reviews that link to several sellers will receive priority in the SERPs when compared to reviews that links only to one seller. In fact, having reviews only from one seller can actually reduce a website’s ranking.

If you link to several sellers, it’s a good sign that the reviews will be helpful. It helps to make it more clear that your reviews are objective, whereas linking just to one seller makes it appear that you could be biased. 

Often, websites link to just one seller because it could possible help them to earn an affiliate income. That makes the chances of their reviews being unbiased very low, so it isn’t too hard to see why Google is aiming to encourage objectivity. Writers of reviews should, therefore, take Google’s advice. While affiliate programs can bring in a lot of review for websites, they can also inhibit factual and useful information from being disseminated, and this is the reason why Google has worked hard to eliminate this kind of thing.

A lot of sites that have been relying on just one seller are going to need to make changes before their ranking gets impacted. If a website gets demoted to a position lower down the search engine rankings, its affiliate earnings may reduce significantly, so Google’s latest announcements are certain to have a noticeable impact on online reviews going forward. 

The Importance Of Reviews

90% of users have admitted to reading reviews about products before they shop online. In fact, almost 80% of all users rely on product reviews online just as much as they do on personal recommendations about products from family and friends. When it comes to product reviews, the most used channel to find product reviews is Google. 

Therefore, if you’re an ecommerce website owner, or your publish Google product reviews, paying close attention to the latest update about product reviews from Google itself will ensure you achieve the best possible results from your endeavours. 

Google’s Latest Changes 

The aim of the Google’s recent update regarding product reviews is to reward users that publish reviews that are most helpful first, even if they aren’t overall positive ones. Google intends to display informative, in-depth product reviews at the head of its search engine results, with thin content simply summarising several products appearing far lower down. 

That means that a product review focusing on the specifications of a product, outlining the ways in which it is helpful, and including the advantages and disadvantages of the product in question is likely to be prioritised over reviews that talk only about the product being “bad” or “good”. 

Essentially, the decision has been made to ensure that users get trustworthy advice with no fluff. 

Rather than needing to scroll endlessly through poor-quality reviews, users will now be able to read directly the most detailed, informative, and specific reviews in order to make well-informed decisions when shopping online. 

Although the update has been limited currently to only reviews in the English language, it’s likely that soon it will be expanded to cover other languages too. So, if you’re working within the field of ecommerce, you should take time to prepare now and review your strategy regarding product reviews. 

How Do I Ensure That Product Reviews Are High Quality? 

Google may have made changes, but it also has provided some guidelines so you can adapt your strategy and ensure the best possible ranking for your product reviews. Here are some tips to ensure your product reviews meet the latest standards: 

1.Provide Product Visuals 

Most people like to see visuals of the product in question in action. Photographs are 65% more memorable than text alone, and reviews including evidence of a product being tested are now prioritised by Google.

2.Providing Multiple Purchase Links 

Most users want to have several options if they’re buying something online. If you can provide several sellers and product varieties for the user to pick from, Google will give your product review priority. 

3.Writing With Users In Mind

If users shop online and read product reviews, they’re looking for information about that product, and especially about the experience that other buyers have had. Publishing product reviews that are genuinely helpful and that will be prioritised by Google means including vital information in the content so you appear to be an expert and authority in the industry.

4.Outlining With The Product Performs Better Than Those From Competitors

Articles that highlight differences between products are very popular since they can help consumers make decisions more easily. Google prioritises reviews that give users information that compares rival products, so trying to explain the ways in which one product is worse or better than one from a competitor brand will do well. 

5.Including Details That Can’t Be Found On A Manufacturer’s Website 

Often, consumers look at product reviews as they need information beyond that which the manufacturer offers on its own website. Some extra information consumers may want include how long a product lasts, how it feels in the hand, where it’s likely to fade, tear, or break, and the real difficulties they may have when using the product. 

Skipping salesy language is also important. Keeping on point with important information rather than rambling and covering unnecessary details will help you to rank more highly within the SERPs. 

Offering A Better User Search Experience

Google’s changes to algorithms is nothing new, since it regularly introduces new features in an effort to give users the best possible search experience. Its most recent update regarding product reviews is focusing on prioritising reviews that are genuinely helpful for consumers. 

Ecommerce business owners and affiliate website owners must take note of the latest changes, since their business model could depend heavily on those product reviews. If you adopt the strategies outlined here, you should find it easier than expected to publish and create informative and in-depth product reviews to rank more highly, driving up organic traffic to your site.

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