Is ChatGPT The Answer For SEO And Content?

Gary Green
Gary Green
April 11, 2023

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is able to accomplish tasks such as writing essays. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people now think that this could be the answer for SEO content, especially since the content quality that it can produce is so impressive. But is ChatGPT the answer to your content marketing strategy? Let’s find out more about this new technology. 

ChatGPT- What Should I Know? 

ChatGPT is the latest big news in the world of AI. The news has been full of stories about how students have managed to get ChatGPT to create impressive essays that have achieved high grades, and it certainly seems that it could be the next exciting thing for those who are working in the field of SEO and content creation. With its human-like writing style, could ChatGPT replace human writers in the near future? 

ChatGPT is capable of writing essays about virtually all topics as it has been trained with a wide range of texts. There are some limitations though. For a start, it cannot reliably generate accurate information, and that’s a major concern if you’re focusing on creating high-quality content. 

Furthermore, it has been programmed to steer clear of certain content types, including explicitly sexual or violent content. It is always unaware of any events or content created later than 2021, so keeping content fresh and up to date is impossible if you use ChatGPT. 

Another problem with using ChatGPT to create content is that it has inbuilt biases which can turn a neutral article into one that has a more positive tone than intended. It also requires extremely detailed instructions if it is going to output content that would be considered to be high quality. 

All of these factors should be borne in mind by anyone who is considering switching to ChatGPT rather than a human writer to create SEO content. 

Is It Possible To Identify ChatGPT Content?

Perhaps the most important question that marketers will be asking is whether or not it’s possible for Google and the other search engines to identify content that has been generated by ChatGPT. After all, Google has been working for years on algorithms that can successfully detect content generated by AI. 

A lot of research has been carried out on this subject and it appears that there are a few statistical features that appear in AI generated texts that can be used to predict whether they were computer generated and even whether the text had tried to use an algorithm that was designed to prevent detection. 

With this in mind, it’s possible that Google and the other key search engines will be able to identify content that has been created by ChatGPT and rank it poorly. 

Invisible Watermarks 

Another interesting point to bear in mind is that researchers have now developed a cryptographic watermark that could help to detect content that has been created by ChatGPT and other similar AI products. The watermark would be a secret and otherwise unnoticeable signal that could appear in punctuation or word choices that would prove that the content was produced by ChatGPT and not a human writer.

Should AI Be Used For The Purposes Of SEO?

A lot of people believe that Google cannot possible tell whether or not content has been generated with AI. However, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, detecting AI-generated content is something that has already been achieved, and even content deploying algorithms designed to evade detection can easily be detected. 

If Google can detect content that has been generated by AI (such as ChatGPT), is that a problem? 

The answer to this is most certainly yes, since autogenerated content is a violation of the Google guidelines. In 2022, John Mueller from Google said that artificial intelligence-generated content falls within the category of a violation, and that isn’t good news if you want your content and your website to rank highly in the SERPs. AI-generated content is categorised as spam, and spam is against the Google guidelines. 

Finally, the likelihood of ChatGPT eventually containing a watermark should be another off-putting factor for anyone who is considering using AI to generate content for their website. Before ChatGPT was released, it was reported that watermarking would be appearing in the following version upon its release. If a watermarking upgrade is on the horizon for ChatGPT then using it to create content would be pointless. In fact, there is no guarantee that its content has not already been watermarked as it is, so it’s best to steer clear of using it to generate important user content just in case. 

Can AI Tools Be Used For SEO At All? 

Although using AI tools like ChatGPT is a bad idea for content creation, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be harnessed to help with SEO in other ways. The optimal use of artificial intelligence is to scale SEO in ways that can make workers even more productive, for example, by allowing AI to do all the hard work of analysis and research. 

Google guidelines have not outlawed the use of AI to summarise web pages and create meta descriptions, so this is one acceptable use of AI that SEO content creators can make use of. It also may be possible to use ChatGPT to create a content brief or outline. However, handing off all content creation wholesale to AI then publishing it in its original state is unlikely to be the best use of artificial intelligence, especially if that content has not been reviewed first for its helpfulness, accuracy, and quality. 

Right now, the best way to create high quality SEO content that will rank highly in the Google search engine listings is by using the services of a skilled human writer who can create natural text that provides useful information for the reader, and that will pass any algorithms that Google currently has in place or will add in the future, to weed out AI-generated content. 

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