Impress Your Customers and Improve Your Social Selling with Our Simple Tips

Gary Green
Gary Green
July 22, 2022

There is no denying that social media is a valuable communication tool for businesses to use with their clients – from sharing important news about the company to provide an informal communication portal in which customers or potential customers can get their questions answered.

In addition, social media is also a great way to sell products and services to new and existing customers, but how can you make the most of social selling? We have the tips you need to get the results you want!

What is Social Selling?

In short, social selling is a strategy that can be used as part of your social media marketing plan. It uses your business social media account to create interest in your products and helps you to generate sales leads. It also helps you to show customers your depth of product knowledge and helps you to get detailed information on your clients.

Social selling is well-liked by customers as it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get sales support on a one to one basis, making their purchase more personal and informed.

Our Top Tips

When it comes to social selling, getting the right advice is an essential part of achieving success. Take a look at our five top tips and integrate them into your social selling plans to get the results you have been dreaming about.

Tip 1 – Understand the Difference Between Selling and Marketing

One of the most important things you need to understand is how social selling and social marketing differ. Whilst they need your social media accounts to happen, your marketing posts will focus on the organisation as a whole and selling your brand.

Your social selling posts will be more specifically attuned to the product you want to sell and encourage potential customers to communicate with you on a one to one basis. Understanding this key difference will allow you to craft the right messages to appeal to your audience and make more sales.

Tip 2 – Grow Your Audience

When it comes to growing your client base, you need to know who they are and what they want. Your social media account will be followed by more than just clients – it will also be comprised of your team, your loved ones, your competition and more. The great thing is that if your posts are valuable to all of your audience, then you are more likely to make more sales.

Why? Because if people trust your message, they are more likely to buy from you. Start with the aim to help people with your information and grow your relationships online so that your products sell themselves. Potential clients want to be interested in the accounts they follow, so work on getting their attention first and then show them why your products are the best choice.

Tip 3 – Know What Customers Want

The great thing about social media is that it is a two-way street – giving you access to information about your followers so that you can utilise it for your social selling strategy. There are a number of ways you can get access to the information you need, from following your potential clients and followers back and then learning more about them to being active in terms of commenting on people’s content in a way that inspires them to look for at what you have to offer.

Many businesses worry that if they move too far into the social media black hole, then they will be overstepping boundaries, but this is not the case. People have access to a wide range of privacy tools, meaning that you will only ever see what they have made public. When you have learned more about your client base, then you can use this information to tailor your products for even better sales.

Tip 4 – Don’t Fish in the Dark!

Rather than putting out ads and hoping for social selling success, use the tools that are available to measure the progress of your efforts. For example, Linkedin offer a social selling index that you can use to understand how well you are achieving and show you how to continue to strengthen what you are offering.

These insights will not only show you what is working, but they will also give you an idea of what is not working so well, giving you the chance to improve your offer or create a whole new social selling advert to reach more people. Failing to use these tools will leave you forever confused about how to get to the people you want.

Tip 5 – Get it Right and Enjoy Success

The harsh reality of social selling is that if you get it wrong, then you are likely to damage your reputation with your audience as they will be left feeling that your product is not right for their needs. Take the time to create the very best posts that will appeal to as many people that follow you as possible to get the best results.

Remember to use the tips we have shared to get started and always remind yourself that when selling, it is important to appear to be more social than sales focused so that you can build the right levels of trust with your audience.

Start Planning Your Social Selling Today

Armed with the right advice and high-quality products, you have a combination that can create the sales you are looking for. However, no social selling efforts will work without a robust plan in place first.

Take the time to plan out your posts and share them with others for feedback before you make them live. By doing this, you are far more likely to get the custom that you are hoping to achieve rather than losing followers and turning off your clients.

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