Top Google SEO Tips For 2022 and Beyond

Gary Green
Gary Green
December 21, 2021

Having effective SEO strategies is essential if you want your Google campaign to be successful. It isn’t always easy to know how to get started with search engine optimisation, let alone how to improve upon it, but luckily, it isn’t rocket science.

We’ve brought together some great advice to point you in the right direction, and we believe that these top tips will help to make the process easier. We will look here at how to increase clicks, how to improve on-page SEO, how to build links, and also how to boost your technical SEO to enhance your success.

Boosting Clicks

One great thing about SEO is that there’s no need to actually rank higher in order to drive up your traffic as long as you’re able to increase the number of clicks you receive from your existing rankings. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Favicon OptimisationFavicons are displayed by Google in their mobile search results. They can have a positive impact on your site’s click-through rate. If you have an excellent favicon this can help you increase your clicks.
  • Breadcrumb optimisation – breadcrumbs are displayed by Google in mobile and desktop search results. If they are keyword-rich breadcrumbs this can positively impact on your site’s click-through rate. These breadcrumbs may be derived from several places including your actual page breadcrumbs, scheme markup or URL. It’s important to choose the right keywords to optimise your breadcrumbs.
  • Meta descriptions – an amazing 30% of all websites don’t have meta descriptions, yet a well-written one can encourage more searchers to click. Make sure to use descriptions that are rich in keywords to optimise this.
  • Meta titles – if you add dates to your title tags, this can increase your site’s click-through rate.

On-Page SEO And Content

On-page SEO is a key element of getting your website noticed by prospective customers. Here are some top tips to improve your content for search engine optimisation.

  • Relaunch your top content – after a couple of years, content goes stale but you can update it and relaunch it in the future, retaining its URL.
  • Increase your internal links – add more internal links to your website and this will improve your SEO exponentially.
  • Add new links to old content – go through your older content and add fresh links into it for your more recent content.
  • Take out unnecessary links – if you don’t actually need a specific link, take it out. Use that link equity for links which actually count and which will help you rank more highly in Google.
  • Long-form content – short-form content may rank well, but long-form content has been proven to earn more shares and links. In general, it will also rank more highly in the Google search engine results.
  • Increase your use of headers – break content up with keyword-rich, well thought-out header tags.
  • Leverage the power of topic clusters – try to write several pieces of your content about similar subjects then link them together. This increases engagement since readers will visit more articles.
  • Bring more content out of the tabs – if content is hidden in drop-downs or accordions, bring that content out and into the main text body. It will start to perform more effectively.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to improving your SEO for Google. Here are some tips to help.

  • Core Web Vitals – use tools to make sure that your site speed is up to scratch and that your page experience is as good as it can be.
  • Limit your sitemaps – you can have as many as 50,000 URLs for each sitemap but try to limit yours to 10,000. This makes your site more crawlable.
  • Leverage the power of dynamic sitemaps – dynamic sitemaps change depending on what you’re wanting the Google search engine to crawl. Make sure you put the top priority URLs in a special sitemap of their own.

Link Building

Links building may be difficult but it’s important when it comes to your SEO ranking. Here are some tips to assist.

  • Passively acquiring links – make sure you’re creating content that bloggers, journalists and other web creators want to share. Data, definitions and how-to guides are all popular and if you can create content of these types it will almost always generate more links whenever people discover it. This is a highly sustainable way of earning more links with time.
  • Link intersects at the page-level – if you’re outreaching, you need to outreach to pages which have the best chance of linking to you. Finding sites which link to competitors but aren’t linking to you is the first step in this. However, the best approach is to find pages which link to a minimum of two competitors without linking to you. In general, this means that it’s a resource page and will be most likely to agree to link to your site if approached and asked to do so.
  • Satisfy users – yes, earning your first click from a user is important, but it’s almost more important to be their last click as that means that they’ve found exactly what they needed and were searching for. The satisfaction of users is the top ranking signal, so you need to ensure that the content you provide them with is what they’re seeking. This will help you to rise up through the rankings and obtain the website traffic you deserve.

Following These Top Tips

Google SEO may not be the easiest thing to manage successfully, and many businesses find it challenging to help their website to rise up through the search engine rankings so that it can drive up traffic and obtain more visibility, yet it’s perfectly possible to achieve this with the right approach.

These top tips that we’ve outlined here will help you to give your site the best possible chance of success when it comes to rising up through the Google rankings, and if you pay close attention and follow our advice, you should find that eventually, you’ll begin to see a positive difference.

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