Top Free Tools For Keyword Research and SEO

Gary Green
Gary Green
January 11, 2022

It’s fair to say that keyword research is no longer only about “keywords”. Rather, it’s about questions and phrases that target audiences may use to find products, services and answers that they’re looking for.

Those questions and phrases represent a major component of all kinds of marketing campaigns.

Although collecting keyword data is time-consuming, it’s essential, since it provides helpful information for all of the following purposes:

  • Developing more effective SEO strategies
  • Content ideation such as social, text and video
  • PR campaigns
  • Paid advertising
  • Audience research
  • Local search campaigns
  • Phrases and keywords to ignore
  • Competitive research
  • Brainstorming sessions

The Benefits Of Keyword Research Tools

The good news is that these days there are plenty of useful keyword research tools that can assist in gathering this vital information, and many of them are free of charge. They speed up the process of finding suitable keywords, phrases and questions, and make it easier to find the most useful ones for your brand to use. Below, you’ll find some of the best free keyword research tools available right now.

Google Trends

The Google Trends tool allows you to see keywords’ relative popularity while giving helpful data about regional variations. This makes it a perfect source for identifying trends over time for certain keywords. This is valuable data since it helps companies to avoid getting caught up in outdated trends and will allow them to see what Google users are interested in right now.

  • Google Trends allows multiple keywords to be compared so that audience interests can be determined over time.
  • It gives sets of related queries which give extra ideas for content, marketing strategies and keyword research while also giving more regional insights.
  • It helps determine topic and keyword interests by different regions.

Keyword Magic Tool From Semrush

Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool may be simple, but it provides plenty of information. Even free users are able to carry out ten requests each day, and every query allows users to see exact match, phrase match, related and broad match keywords as well as questions regarding the keywords.


The Reddit platform is used by millions of people every day to talk about their issues, find solutions and get answers. QuestionDB has made a huge database that has its basis in questions that have been asked on the Reddit platform which assess relevance not only by keywords but also by categories.


If you need to discover phrases you may never have even thought of, AnswerThePublic is an excellent tool. There is a free version that allows users to see visualizations of phrases and questions asked about a specific root keyword. Those related phrases can be very helpful for ideation and research.

Keyword Tool Dominator

The Keyword Tool Dominator allows users to see the keyword data found on large platforms with tools for Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Google Shopping, Bing, YouTube and Google. The free account gives users three searches each day for each tool and the data can be downloaded for every search.

Every tool gives a keyword overview and choosing by region is possible with some tools. Frequency data is provided in graph format.

Google’s “People Also Ask”

When you need to know what people are actually asking, People Also Ask from Google is a helpful research. Just enter your query and keyword and a section called “People Also Ask” is often displayed. This shows some of the most popular keyword queries that relate to your specific keyword which have been searched for by users on Google.

Also Asked

This tool was designed to aid marketers in understanding the ways in which questions can be topically grouped. The questions may assist with keywords and give directions about which questions you should answer in your content.


If you need to know more about interest differences on the various platforms, Soovle can quickly generate a list of some of the top terms for users on Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Answers.com. All you need to do is enter your keyword then terms generate over the logo for each platform.

YouTube Autocomplete 

If you search on YouTube, you’ll see that autocomplete options appear relating to your query which have already been search for by other users. It’s possible to review those queries and seek out keywords which have relevance for users. You can also see what other users search for, and this gives more direction for your marketing strategies.

Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool

Although technically you can see this information when you look at source pages, this tool can save you lots of time, giving you charts that can then be used in reports. It enables comparison of URLs to gather data about others sites’ keyword strategies.

If another website ranks highly consistently for the terms you’re wanting to use, it’s possible to rapidly view their on-page keywords strategies including which keywords they use in their headings and which phrases they use most.

Their data for on-page analysis reveals lots of information regarding how competitors use keywords including the number of keywords they use on each page, the number of linked keywords, the keywords used in header tag elements and which are used in meta descriptions.

Making Use Of These Top Tools

Clearly, keyword research has a very important part to play in  the success of any kind of marketing strategy or campaign, and since it can be tedious and time-consuming element of the task in hand, these tools can make all the difference in making the process a less stressful and dull one.

If you try out some of these helpful tools which are available for free, you’ll soon see that finding the right keywords, phrases and questions to use in your content becomes considerably simpler and faster.

This will go a long way towards improving your marketing campaigns, increasing user engagement and driving up traffic to your website where you can then convert those visitors into paying customers, just by using the right keywords!

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