Everything You Need To Know About Keywords Explorer By Ahrefs

Gary Green
Gary Green
August 5, 2022

When it comes to optimising your website with the proper SEO keywords in order to rank, keyword research is undoubtedly one of the major aspects you need to get right. There are many sites out there, both free and paid for, which can help you organise your keyword lists, however one of the most powerful tools out there for SEO keyword research has to be the Keywords Explorer from Ahrefs.

Let’s take a look at exactly what makes this tool so potent, as it has some key features that take keyword research far beyond what others have to offer.

  • It is the most comprehensive tool out there

The Keyword Explorer is powered by the largest database of queries used in searching in the whole world – billions of entries form this database so no matter what sector you’re in you can be sure to find the appropriate keywords.

  • Multiple search engine data

Instead of focusing only on the world’s largest search engine, Google, this tool goes the extra mile and processes a vast wealth of data, giving the user keyword volume assessments from a selection of search engines including Bing, Amazon and YouTube.

  • Accurate metrics for clicks

Not only will Keywords Explorer give you a specific search volume, it will go one step further to give you an invaluable insight into your keyword selection by showing you an estimate for the click metrics for any given keyword.

  • Huge international reach

If you are in the UK or US, then you may only want to reach your own countries with specific search terms, however if you want to branch out internationally then it is super easy with this tool – keywords are collected from over 170 countries so you are always able to localise SEO.

  • See how difficult a keyword is to rank for

With a simple click of a button, you can easily view exactly how difficult and competitive any given keyword is. This gives you an excellent indication of how difficult it’s going to be to rank with it comes to boosting your site or page to the top spots.

  • It has the largest number of SEO suggestions

You’ll never have need of any other tool when it comes to generating keyword suggestions, as the database consolidates over seven billion readily accessible keywords, and what’s more, these are updated monthly with thousands of new suggestions, and all the data that goes with them.

  • Highly accurate search volumes

Many research tools have to guesstimate the search volumes of certain keywords which can leave blurred lines for those looking to focus in on specific SEO, however Keywords Explorer updates search volumes every month which helps to refine the data gathered.

  • Taking metrics to the next level

With regular keyword research tools your options for discovering certain metrics of specific keywords and keyphrases may be limited, however this nifty tool gives you the ability to see everything from the percentage of clicks, and paid clicks to the return rates and much more.

  • A deeper understanding

Gain the edge on your competitors and focus in on the specific metrics associated with the SEO keywords you’ve selected, see their ranking history and how they are being implemented on the first few pages of results. You can study the SERPs to gain a better understanding of why they do so well.

The Ability To Generate Extensive, Insightful Keyword Reports

As the Keywords Explorer is so intuitive at what it does, it’s possible to enter a handful of related keywords you’re looking to target and the tool will then select ten of those deemed popular and produce thousands of variations and keyword suggestions in a few different aspects.

  • Phrase match – this shows you phrases that match your keyword exactly
  • Newly discovered – this shows newly added queries to the database
  • Search suggestions – this displays queries used when your keywords are searched for.
  • Also rank for – this shows which keywords the highest ranking pages are utilising
  • Having same terms – this provides ideas which align with your keyword search terms
  • Questions – this gives you an idea of the keyword when it is phrased in a question query

Use Metrics To Interpret Your Keywords Properly

Not only does this tool allow you to generate thousands of relevant keywords, but it also shows you what is driving them to the top spots, and how other people are using these keywords to bring traffic to their pages.

The insightful metrics can show you how difficult it could potentially be to rank on the first page of results with any of your chosen keywords. This is presented on a scale of 1-100, where 1 is the easiest and 100 is the most difficult kind of keyword to obtain a high ranking for. Other useful metrics for each keyword include:

  • Clicks – see exactly how many click per month a certain keyword obtains, so you have a good idea of its potential
  • Clicks Per Search – this will give you an insight into how many search results are clicked after any given search
  • Return Rate – a scale that is used only by this tool to compare the SEO keyphrases which are obtaining the most repeat searched.
  • Organic vs. Paid Click % - learn how the search results clicks vary between both organic search results and paid ones
  • Click % - gain an understanding of the amount of times any keyword is clicked on via the search results page

A Top Choice That Won’t Let You Down

It’s clear that this tool by Ahrefs is one of the most concise and comprehensive searches around, and is trusted by thousands of digital marketers, SEO auditors and business owners to make their mark in the world of SEO ranking. Unlike other keyword research tools, Ahrefs system goes above and beyond traditional data and metrics, delivering users with a clear insight into their SEO plan and allowing them to make informed decisions on how to best utilise their keywords across their content.

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