2021’s Best Courses In Growth Hacking

Gary Green
Gary Green
July 29, 2022

Primarily, growth hacking centers around three elements – the sales funnel, the selling process, and skillsets.

Developing the necessary skills to implement growth hacking techniques to their highest level is key to achieving maximum success, and to do that, a course in growth hacking may be necessary.

Growth hackers are, essentially, data-oriented marketers who emphasize the importance of analytical thinking. Growth hackers measure, analyze, test, compare, refine and repeat until they have achieved their goal.

Taking an online course in growth hacking represents a great way of learning the techniques, strategies, and skills that you’ll need to succeed as a growth hacker, so here are a few of the very best for 2021.

Best For Beginners – Udemy Version 7.3 Growth Hacking/Digital Marketing

This nine-hour course is aimed squarely at the needs of complete beginners who already understand the basics of being a digital marketer but who are yet to venture into growth hacking.

It teaches key digital metrics like web traffic, lean analytics, CAC and LTV calculations, and conversion funnels while also giving access to the latest information about SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, paid acquisition, viral marketing, and public relations.

Best For Advanced Learners – GrowthHackers Growth Master Training Course

For those who already have some growth marketing skills and who are ready to take them to the next level of success, this two-hour course for advanced learners is self-paced and is actually taught by the CEO and founder of GrowthHackers itself, Sean Ellis.

Since he invented “growth hacking” as a term, it’s guaranteed that this course will give you a deep insight. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about growth as well as how it can be embraced. You’ll learn about building and leading growth teams successfully to bring positive results.

Best Crash Course – Growth Tribe Growth Marketing Crash Course

If you want to learn all the basics in one fell swoop, this three-day online course helps you to master all the growth essentials you need. Ideal for beginners, this course begins with all of the fundamental elements of creating personals and data-driven marketing, then follows up with lessons about copywriting and optimizing user activation.

Finally, you’ll learn how the GROWS process can be implemented as well as how experiments can be pitched. Not only does this course include theory, it also offers no less than forty peer-based exercises so you can put your new skillset into practice.

Best Long-Term Course – Growth Tribe Growth Marketing Immersive

If you want to take an in-depth look at everything growth marketing encompasses, you’ll prefer this six-week course for beginners from Growth Tribe. Held online, this course allows you to masterfully every aspect of experimentation and growth, from the fundamentals of hard and soft data and growth to how growth can be applied in organizations.

Best Course For Professionals – Reforge Growth Series

If you’re serious about growth hacking and you already consider yourself to be advanced in the subject this 50-hour course for experts from Reforge won’t disappoint. This course is really only suited to people who are already professionals and who have had more than three years of experience in the field with a background in engineering, product design, or marketing.

Taking place over six weeks on part-time hours, this program is hosted by some big names in the industry – Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen and Bangaly Kaba. Although this is an extremely demanding course, it’s ideal for anybody aiming high.

Best Long Course – CXL Growth Marketing Mini-degree Program

For anyone who wants to enroll on a mini-degree program, this 114 hour-long course from CXL is ideal. It takes you from beginner to advanced student over a period of around 3 months, teaching the foundations of growth marketing and how to carry out growth experiments as well as channel-specific skills for growth, management of growth programs, and much more.

If you’re a full-stack marketer, UX professional, or marketing generalist who wants to specialize in growth, this is the program for you.

Best Full Course – Demand Curve Growth Marketing

Lasting for several months, this is a full course that enables you to learn everything you need to know about the entire growth marketing field. Its curriculum consists of tactical, in-depth insights, educating learners about growth strategy, customer activation, tracking and analytics, user onboarding, and landing pages among other things. You’ll also be assigned to a dedicated instructor who’ll work closely with you as you progress.

Are There Any Free Growth Hacking Courses?

Sadly, at the moment there aren’t any courses in growth hacking available for free on the internet today. However, there are a number of more affordable options suitable for beginners. It’s important to do your research well, though, since some of the cheaper and smaller online courses are rather poor quality and don’t teach all the essential skills you need to know.

If you’re on an exceptionally tight budget and need to learn about growth hacking, a better solution may be to use one of the excellent books on the subject rather than taking a low-cost course that may not be up to scratch.

Is A Growth Hacking Course For Me?

Whether you’re a complete beginner who is looking for a better way to grow their business and achieve greater success or whether you’re already a professional working in the industry who wants to advance their skillset and become a specialist in growth hacking, one of these courses could be the ideal solution for your needs.

Designed to accommodate learners at all stages of their study, these courses can help complete novices to grasp the basics of growth hacking or enable advanced learners to further hone their abilities.

Essentially, growth hacking is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the best ways to improve the success of businesses of all types and sizes, so if you want to harness its true potential, it could be time to sign up for one of the best courses available on the subject in 2021.

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Primarily, growth hacking centers around three elements – the sales funnel, the selling process, and skillsets....

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